Dov Alexander

(Dov is Yiddish for Bear.)

DovAlexander created out of an electrifying near-death experience while working a graveyard shift on a construction site. DovAlexander inserted a knife into a light socket, why you may ask? Tired and asked to do something so stupid, the action nearly killed him and This sent sparks flying! Stepping away unfazed DovAlexander suddenly realized the shoes being worn were the only thing that saved him from electrocution. Using a vast background of Art for the Film Industry DovAlexander combined his love for the bizarre with a love for shoes. These creative display shoes are an everlasting thank you to the boots that saved his life that one silly evening. 

. . .

DovAlexander's experience and background have played a huge roll in his ability to make Loud Shoe Art. Applying to Emily Carr in Vancouver and finding out his application was rejected he found himself attending Vancouver Film School, where he spent 2 years perfecting his craft in Set Design for the film industry. After graduation, DovAlexander made an assortment of short films, feature films, and web series before taking work in the Events and Exhibits industry where he traveled the globe setting up all kinds of wonderful displays. Now back in his home town of Calgary, Alberta, Canada DovAlexander uses his creative talents to make Loud Shoe Art and an assortment of small scale art items.