A size 7 high heel, decorated in old comic book art, these shoes take on the life of the back alleys where Batman does his good deeds. 

Why, How, were these shoes created? 

"I love Batman but I love Gotham more, and there really isn't anything like this that I have seen before. So I took some of my comic book collection and made it into something more practical. I used glue to paste the comic book clipping to the shoe, then I sealed it with an acrylic spray. When that was done I used dimensional paint to make it pop." - Dov Alexander

Gotham Alley

Cowgirl003 - Copy.jpg

Size 7s these boots make a statement a bit of old west and a few old guns...

How, Why were these created?

"I loved the look of these old comic books from the 60's they were old and crusty. And I am living in Calgary, so I put them to together, got some cowgirl boots from the thrift store and went to town. I thought if I were a hot red neck girl what would I want on these boots... Guns, lots of guns." - Dov Alexander

Old West

Cowboy007 - Copy.jpg

Size 12 Men's boots, These wonderful cowboy boots were designed with the concept of a gold farmer tending to the fields of gold.

Why, How were these created?

"These are my own pair, I was going to sell them then I thought F*#k it, I want them. My Dad bought me my 1st pair of Cowboy Boots for my 30th birthday, I wore em a bit then well, leave an artist in a room with paint and boom. I used dimensional paint, jewelry, and my hands to create this." - Dov Alexander

Gold Rush

Pirate Booty003.jpg

A size 8 loafer. Custom made and expensive. 

Why, How were these made?

" I found a dancer on Instagram that had a large following and asked if I could make her a shoe, I figured it would be a high heel, but she loved loafers so I was up for the challenge, she has a rocking appearance so I thought why not match. These loafers have shark teeth, jewelry, dimensional paint, nail polish, electrical tape, and stickers to make it all come together. "- Dov Alexander 

Dragon Scales

our lady of guadalupe004.jpg

Custom pair of size 10s, inspired by Our Lady of Guadalupe art in Mexico.

Why, How were these made?

"My GF, loves Catholic things and the Our Lady of Guadalupe art seen all over the web, she gave me a pair of her old shoes and I gave these back. I don't need much to go on, just a theme and then poof here are your awesome shoes. For these I used, glue, gold leaf, silver leaf, jewelry, special red hot glue for fake blood, internet print outs, nail polish, acrylic, fake flowers, and glitter. I then stuffed the shoes with clippings from old comics." - Dov Alexander

Our Lady of Guadalupe


A pair of my old Converse shoes in a size 12 men. 

How and Why?

"Dimensional paint mix mostly and hockey tape. Kuso is Japanese for F*#K so you get it right?"- Dov Alexander 

Kuso It


A size 6 sneaker, these Reebok kicks where once an old white pair of shoes. They were made for gamer Msemvp

Why, How, were these shoes created?

"When I work I typically black out, I never remember how I made them but I do keep track of the material I used, I can typically reverse engineer what I have made and describe it. These shoes started as white Reebok's given by a local gamer, she is in love with the video game Call of Duty. So I found some war comic books and some old hot wheels from a thrift store and just slammed it all together like a hot mess. I used glue, arcylic, fabric glue, dimensional paint and assessories to make it all come together." - Dov Alexander

Call to Duty

Dragon002 - Copy.jpg

Custom made size 9, these wonderful color changing shoes, get noticed. 

Why, How were these created?

"I am not going to lie, I made these for my Mom, she loves this material and I thought why not. I bought the material that was attached to a couple of couch pillows, cut it and used hot glue to put it together, I actually messed up on one pair, I used velcro tape and then glued it on, oops, they look great." - Dov Alexander 

Dragon Scales


Custom heels in a size 10. 

How, Why were these created?

"I bought some fabric thinking I was going to add texture to the shoes, it was sooooo soft, too soft, so I put some gloves on, put some dimensional paint which is basically liquid plastic and went to town, I also cut the head off a plastic lion to give it that Cougar and Cub feel. Tossed some sparkles and called it a day." - Dov Alexander

Cougars Cage

Pretty Lines001.jpg

A size 7 heel, these were the 1st shoes  Dov Alexander ever made. 

How, Why were these made?

"These took time, like 2 weeks of time, I didn't know what I was doing, there is actually another finished design under the final design. I used dimensional paint, hot glue, glue, cut up comics, plastic gold chains, hockey tape, and gold spray paint to complete this unique design." - Dov Alexander

Dragon Scales


Custom size 10s these comic book shoes were show stoppers at the Calgary Comic Expo 2019.

How, Why were these created?

"I found these slick pair of boots at a thrift store and new they had to go big in color. My GF is a size 10 so I thought let's have fun, I used a holographic cover to a Harley Quinn comic book and other mashups from Batman comics to create a love affair style boot. I also picked up some dollhouse miniatures and found a deck of cards, for the shoe laces I used parachute cord, for the toe, I added a real cupboard handle as a lion door knocker for Wayne Manor. The border of the shoe I used nail polish and dimensional paint, the yellow and blue is actually the joker laughing HAHAHAH." - Dov Alexander

Love A 1st Shot